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About Us

I (Brad) have been a pretty avid comic collector on and off for over 30 years. With the exception of a year or 2 here or there when times were tough, I’ve always had a weekly subscription at the comic shop. From my late teens on, whenever I’d go to a flea market or a yardsale, I’d always ask for comics. For 25 years I just collected them, put them in a box and didn’t really think about them. Being a website designer by trade, in 2018, I got asked to help out with the East Coast Comic Expo website. That brought me into the fold with a bunch of great, likeminded people that have gotten to be pretty close over the years. Most of them were collectors which got me motivated to organize my collection properly. That process took a about a year and a half and when I was done, I’d discovered a ton great books that I wasn’t really aware that I had accumulated over the years. Then late 2019, I’d heard about comic book cleaning and pressing which I thought was a great idea. Being able to take something old and dirty and give it new life and appeal. So I started working on that practice and my first press was actually in the mail when the pandemic hit. I’ve been pretty well cleaning and pressing most days since. Because I work from home and need to stay relatively close for work, it’s the perfect side project. Then the pandemic hit and I’ve spent the last 3 years practicing the cleaning and pressing craft on the books I’d purchased in the past and new books I’d accumulated from various auctions and marketplace sales.

When the East Coast Comic Expo returned after a 3 year hiatus, we had a great time. My wife, Amanda, who’s always been supportive and encouraging when it comes to my collecting, was working the table and had a great time. We sold a long box full of commons, some keys and made a good amount for one day. She wasn’t enjoying her job and decided it was time to join me on this venture I’ve been talking about doing for years.

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