Comic Book

Cleaning and Pressing


This isn’t a full time service that we offer regularly but we love working on great books that have a solid chance for improvment. So if you have books you’d like to get cleaned or pressed, send us an email. Email

Cleaning and pressing is generally $20 a book. If it’s modern that needs minimal cleaning, I can do it for $12 a book. Some books may take a little more time on a cleaning or the press, so it may be a bit more. I will give discounts for bulk submissions.

*** Please Note ***   

If you want to get a book pressed that’s valued over $1,000, it might be a bit more expensive giving the extra stress of the situation, so please email for pricing which will probably involve getting pics of the book. 

Before and After Back of Comic

Before and After Front of Comic

Before and After Grime Removal

This is a neat example where I cleaned the right hand side and not the left.

Higher End Books

I’ve had the privledge to work on some pretty big books over the past couple years. It’s always a bit stressful. I’ll be fair in the pricing but higher end books are on a book by book basis. It’ll depend on how much the grade will bump and how long of a process. For retail establishments, I’ve been known to take a % of FMV in trade for these types of books.

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